Shareaza SpeedUp Pro 2.3.0 - Free Download

   Shareaza SpeedUp PRO is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. Most modern technology used augment
download speed and enlarges the amount of download sources. The interface is eye-catching and user-friendly.
The application is totally FREE and there are NO Ads, NO Adware, NO Spyware, NO Trojans bundled!

Shareaza SpeedUp Pro
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Internet / File Sharing
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K-Lite Pro 1)   K-Lite Pro 3.0
K-Lite Pro gives you access to files available all over the world for. K-Lite Pro is the World's fastest P2P file-sharing application, letting users share and search for any type of computer files. Download MP3s, Movies, Videos, Software, and Games.
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Gluz 2)   Gluz 5.0
GLUZ is a file sharing application running on the Gnutella Network. It is open standard software running on an open protocol, free for the public to use. GLUZ is capable of multiple searches and is most famous for its ease-of-use.
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WinMX Music 3)   WinMX Music 4.6.5
What is WinMX Music? WinMX Music is a FREE file-sharing program like no other. It allows you to connect, download, and share files with MILLIONS of other users through the decentralized Peer Network.
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MetaCafe For Windows 4)   MetaCafe For Windows 1.0.6
MetaCafe is a cool video sharing software that automatically downloads the best available content, including video clips, trailers, games and other fun items from the net.
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KaZaA Lite K++ 5)   KaZaA Lite K++ 2.4.3
KaZaA Lite K++, download free files without spyware, adware or popup ads.
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Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 6)   Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster 4.8.0
Ares Galaxy Turbo Booster(AGTB) is a powerful acceleration plug-in for Ares file sharing program
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ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client] 7)   ABC [Yet Another Bittorrent Client] 3.0
ABC is an improved client for the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file distribution solution. ABC is based on BitTornado which extended from from Original Bittorrent Core System , coded by Bram Cohen.
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 9156KB

BearShare Turbo 8)   BearShare Turbo 5.7.3
BearShare Turbo is a free P2P file sharing tool that enables you to search for, download, and share MP3, MPEG, AVI, ASF, MOV, JPEG, GIF, and all other file types with everyone on the global Gnutella peer-to-peer informationnetwork.
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FreeWire 9)   FreeWire 3.0
Search, download and share all types of files with this free peer-to-peer Gnutella client. Get MP3s, video, images, software, games, movies, music and more with FreeWire, the most advanced file sharing software available.
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Axbar 10)   Axbar
Axbar is a tool bar to search P2P and web, images, mp3, movies, files from your favorite browser. You can use Axbar as a full P2P search and download application. Axbar supports Kazaa, eDonkey and Gnutella. It's faster than any other P2P application.
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 1639KB

New Internet / File Sharing softs

Shareaza SpeedUp Pro 1)   Shareaza SpeedUp Pro 2.3.0
Shareaza SpeedUp PRO is a potent add-on to Shareaza P2P application. Most modern technology used augment download speed and enlarges the amount of download sources.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 1961KB

Download Zune DVD 2)   Download Zune DVD 1.1
Download Zune DVD. If you want to download zune DVDs, check out IZuneAccess. For a small one time cost, you can download zune movies, games, video, ebooks and more. There are no limits to download and you can download 24/7.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 375KB

iPod Downloads Center 3)   iPod Downloads Center 1.0
iPod downloads center is a free resource that allows you to download music, movies, games and more for your iPod. It will give you recommendations for the best free and premium places to get content for your iPod based on your needs.
License:Freeware, $ to buy Size: 531KB

LimeWire SpeedUp Pro 4)   LimeWire SpeedUp Pro 4.2.4
LimeWire SpeedUp PRO is a high-end module for LimeWire file sharing application, developed to resolve problems like: slow downloads and disconnections, traffic congestion, improving download speed and reliability.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 1960KB

LimeWire Ultra Accelerator 5)   LimeWire Ultra Accelerator 4.2.7
LimeWire Ultra Accelerator is an add-on application for LimeWire that automatically speeds up the download process and finds the files you want with far more power than regular searches.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 1798KB

Azureus Ultra Accelerator 6)   Azureus Ultra Accelerator 2.6.4
Azureus Ultra Accelerator is a program designed to boost Azureus downloads. These practical and professional plug-in implement newest technologies that can double the speed of any torrent download.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 1874KB

Morpheus SpeedUp Pro 7)   Morpheus SpeedUp Pro 5.3.0
Morpheus SpeedUp PRO is an excellent accelerator for Morpheus file sharing program. The high-tech software architecture of the application and beautiful interface make this application a must-have for any Morpheus user.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 1961KB

BitTorrent SpeedUp Pro 8)   BitTorrent SpeedUp Pro 4.3.7
BitTorrent SpeedUp PRO is an innovative plug-in for BitTorrent. Architecture of the program is designed to permit you downloads of MP3s, movies and other desired files at highest speed.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 1961KB

Mp3 Torpedo 9)   Mp3 Torpedo 5.4.4
MP3 Torpedo is a fork of the very popular LimeWire Gnutella client. The purpose of MP3 Torpedo is to keep andmaintain the freedoms that LimeWire may be forced to withdraw.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 4526KB

BearShare SpeedUp Pro 10)   BearShare SpeedUp Pro 6.1.9
BearShare SpeedUp PRO is an add-on for people who use BearShare P2P file sharing utility to download music, movies, books and any other files.
License:Freeware, $0 to buy Size: 1961KB

Monday, 27 June 2016
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