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   SNV Timer is a program which combines advanced analog Alarm Clock and countdown Timer that can work separately. The actuation time and countdown value can easily be set by direct moving the corresponding arrows with mouse. In the Alarm Clock mode you are able to specify how often the tasks run: daily, in the chosen days of the week, monthly. In the Timer mode you are able to set a number of executions and a time unit - days, hours, minutes or seconds.
The program can execute six different actions: showing an elegant customizable message box, playing a sound file (including the random choice from the set folder), showing a picture or video file (including the random choice from the set folder) in full-screen mode, opening an external program or file or web page, a COM port command (to control domestic electronic devices), and a modem command (to call a phone number). These actions can be run at the same actuation time in any combination.
A wide variety of means are available to modify the appearance of the program. You can change the colors, fonts, background pictures, size, shape, shadow, appearing speed and other properties of the most of SNV Timer's windows, message boxes, and tool tips (some features are unavailable in Windows 98/Me).
SNV Timer can be run on Windows startup with executing overdue tasks.

SNV Timer
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Desktop Enhancements / Others
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Nikolay Sukhorukov
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