Top 1 to 50 Script and Text Editors - Tools and Utilities scripts

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1)   TextArea Rich Pro - Online WYSIWYG editor
TextArea Rich Pro - A Browser based WYSIWYG editor with many advanced featues such as table support, form elements and advanced image/page property editing.

2)   ScriptPad
ScriptPad is excellent HTML/XML/VBS editor and Notepad replacement for viewing source code with Internet Explorer. It offers many tools like: HTML/XML Syntax checker; XML Formatter; Registry tools to check for broken components. The original motivation for this tool was to replace Notepad when viewing source code from within IE.

3)   Source Edit
This is a tool used to develop Java, C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Pascal, Perl, ASP, XML, HTML, SQL, PHP and if developed in any other language, it has the flexibility to add to it.

4)   Windows Script Control
Windows Script Control is a tool which provides a new way for the developers to develop their web applications as a scriptable.

5)   TextWiz
This is a powerful tool which can be used to fill gaps left by word processors, allows you to search for and replace multiple lines of text and much more. Hence it is a multipurpose tool

6)   TextPad
Text pad has the ability to provide power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding text editing requirements

7)   ED for Windows
This is a cute language sensitive programmer’s editor with huge powerful editing capabilities that one cannot find elsewhere.

8)   As-U-Type
As-U-Type is a spell checking utility which checks the spelling errors of the text typed in a document by the users. This tool provide support for paste editing and copying.

9)   EditPad Lite
EditPad Lite is a tool which allows the users to perform editing tasks like web authoring, programming and writing. This utility acts as a text editor.

10)   Mafiatic Notepad
A small and fast text editor with syntax highlighting for HTML and other common languages.

11)   Editize sponsored
Editize is a rich-text editor that replaces the TextArea input box in any Content Management System. Editize allows anybody to create links, bold words, or add color with a single click with no chance of mistyped markup tags and no tedious coding. Editize will work in both Netscape and Internet Explorer

12)   ABC Amber Word2Excel
ABC Amber Word2Excel is a converting tool which permits the users to perform conversion of the tables from documents files to XLS. This tool provide support for fifty languages.

13)   NoteTab Light
This is a top-rated HTML editor which is user friendly and rich with many productivity tools.

14)   CutePage
This is an effective web page editor which supports both code and visual editing modes and provides an extensive set of visual tools and templates to speed up page creation

15)   AceHTML
This is the advanced HTML editing software which includes efficient and intuitive user interface, HTML checker and more.

16)   cEdit
This tool which supports unlimited languages, FTP, macros, syntax highlighting etc is a freeware open source development tool. Desc:

17)   TxE8
This is an easy, powerful, and user-friendly interface flexible word processor.

18)   Ferrite Platform
Tool for automating text manipulation, conversion, data extraction, etc.

19)   ED for Windows
ED for Windows is a tool and a programming editor which allows the users to be more productive by following the options provided with this tool.

20)   SC UniPad
It is a tool that displays over 52000 Unicode characters instantly without installing extra fonts, Character map for easy selection of any Unicode character, on-screen soft keyboard, over 60 built-in keyboard layouts, Import / export of over 60 codepages, encodings, Unicode formats UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32, UTF-7, Compression Scheme and more

21)   PrimalScript 3.0
Create elegant scripting solutions, hours faster than ever before with PrimalScript, the most advanced editing tool for web developers and any professional working in any scripting language.

22)   Browser Based HTML WYSIWYG Editor (Script Add-On)
As it is based on standard icons and functions the creation of web content can be done fast.

23)   Boxer Text Editor
Save time and effort with this versatile, full-featured Windows text editor. Boxer is extremely powerful, but remains easy-to-use for both beginners and experienced users. Features macros, 2GB files, syntax coloring, FTP, HTML, undo and much more!

24)   Focus on CSS
Focus on Css is a cascade style sheet editor (css1), with an easy and simple interface, features includes a tree view which lists all the available selectors, the property window which helps changing properties with a quick description of each one..

25)   Automation Anywhere
Automation Software for Windows. Automate business processes & IT tasks easily.

26)   ABC Amber PDF Converter
ABC Amber PDF Converter is a tool which has the ability to convert PDF to any document format. The users have rights to export the pages as a plain text and as images preview.

27)   DailyEdit
This international text editor is easy to use and available in four languages. It provides a versatile command set that can simplify most editing tasks. While it offers source code for most popular programming languages, syntax files can be created to support other languages.

28)   eNotepad
Since the time is a valuable factor enotepad removes the use of generic text editor and allows you to access multiple files at once.

29)   editplus
It is a 32-bit text editor for windows with the purpose of serving the internet.

30)   DzSoft WebPad
This is a prolonged HTML editor with PHP and ASP syntax highlighting.

31)   ABC Amber PDF Merger
ABC Amber PDF Merger is a tool which permit the users to merge and splits number of PDFs depending on PDF page ranges. Useful tool for the webmasters.

32)   GridinSoft Notepad
Text editor with highlighting more than 50 formats of files! (C/C++,PHP,...)

33)   Sample Script is a resources directory of programmer
Free Programming Link Echange Resources directory of programmer and webmaster tutorials, articles, forums, faqs,compilers,interpreters, free books, Hosting, Domains, protocols, and more

34)   ADO to XML
This is a small script that queries a database and using ADO's built in Save feature saves a copy of the data as an XML file.

35)   HTML-Kit
This is a very useful text editor which is designed to help the authors of HTML, XML, and other sctipts.

36)   Mass File Editor
Mass File Editor is a tool which allows the users to perform editing process on unlimited number of files. This tool has the ability to transfer the files in a single pass.

37)   Code Explorer
With the help of this tool we can find functions and routines in script files simply by selecting the script file, parsing it and browse through the functions

38)   Slayer's Editor
This is a file editor which contains syntax highlighters supporting nearly 30 different programming languages.

39)   XLnow OnScript
XLnow OnScript is an integrated tool for writing, maintaining and running scripts on the Microsoft Windows platform.

40)   Editize
It is a rich text editor which con be written in ASP, Cold fusion, PHP or and is implemented into any content management system.

41)   ASP2XML
It is an ActiveX application designed for use with Microsoft ASP which provides an interface between almost any ODBC or OLE-DB compliant data source and any XML-enabled client.

42)   Type Pilot
This script automatically types frequently used text(phrase or a paragraph) as soon as the corresponding word is typed. This works with all text editors and is useful for insertion of standard things like signatures, email addresses, URLs, phone numbers etc.

43)   UltraEdit
This tool is a text editor which has(editable) syntax highlighting for any language for the windows platform.

44)   TextArea Rich
TextArea Rich allows you to replace the standard html tag with a content rich, free WYWISYG editor. Built upon the old TextArea Rich Pro, this free version has right click context menus, fully customisable options.

45)   FedSpell Spellchecker
FedSpell Spellchecker is a spell checking tool which allows the users to perform spell checking on their documents. The spell check button can be added with any text editor.

46)   Zeus for Windows
Zeus for Windows is a tool which has the ability to write codes easily and more productive for the users. This tool supports compilers and builders to run in background and permit the users to perform typing.

47)   EngInSite Perl Editor Lite
EngInSite Perl Editor is an IDE for creating Perl scripts.

48)   Trellian CodePad
This is a simple and very functional note pad editor that can be used by web masters. The editor includes syntax highlighting for all major web based languages.

49)   !Professional Notepad
HTML source Editor for Windows with syntax highlighting, utlimited text size etc.

50)   Pro Clip Library
Pro Clip Library is an utility which is a shortcut and reference for the commands handled by the users. This tool allows the users to save the new commands used by them.

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Thursday, 5 May 2016
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