Top 1 to 10 PDF - Tools and Utilities scripts

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1)   ePrint Image and File Converter
ePrint Image / File Converter is a tool developed for the file converting process. This program converts the pdf files as documents and image formats.

2)   activePDF DocConverter
This server based package directly converts more than 280 file formats to PDF. This is an add-in feature for activePDF Server. It also supports Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, and Word Perfect.

3)   activePDF WebGrabber
This allows you to recreate HTML to PDF and also emails the report to the end users. It affords full control over headers, footers and page breaks. This makes it easy for you to turn your existing web application into a PDF reporting engine.

4)   activePDF PDFPrint
This offers the capability to automatically print a web-accessible PDF from the user's browser to any printer on the network. You just need to set some parameters and this makes the whole process transparent.

5)   activePDF Printer
This allows you to make PDF files using the content from any source. You can maintain actual control of your PDF output even while reports and other documents can be easily generated.

6)   Tiff To Pdf Converter
Tiff To Pdf Converter is a program which perform the convertion of TIFF images into a PDF documents. Users can handle the packages like library, dll and exe.

7)   activePDF Toolkit
This is a comprehensive programmable PDF manipulation product that affords full control over the organization's PDF output. It allows your users to append, stamp, stitch, merge, form-fill, secure PDFs and much more.

8)   activePDF Server
activePDF Server provides users full control over their PDF output and is a combination of COM Object and NT Service. It is capable of redirecting the output from any server-based Windows application to PDF.

9)   activePDF Spooler
activePDF Spooler offers true server-based redirection to any printer located on your network. The output from your application gets directly delivered to the user printer, without any manual intervention.

10)   pdf-Office
pdf-Office is a program which allows the users to create texts, pictures, form fields, documents in a different form from scratch. This program initiates the users to handle images and texts.

Saturday, 13 February 2016
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