Top 1 to 50 Multi Media - Tools and Utilities scripts

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1)   CDex 1.4
This is the easiet, and most friendliest mp3 to wav converter (vise versa) that i have ever used.

2)   Audio Mid Recorder
Audio Mid Recorder is an easy to use program that can be used to record sound from different types of audio files like, MP3, MIDI, CD etc and video files such as, MOV, DVD, MPEG etc.

3)   Zexer Soft's ANI Extractor
Zexer Soft's ANI Extractor is an effective multimedia tool that provides custom solutions for the admins to extract animated cursors for their online applications.

4)   DanDans Media's MP3 CD Writer
DanDans Media's MP3 CD Writer is a simple online multimedia utility tool used to write and copy audio files and musical tracks in audio and MP3 CD's.

5)   Code 128 Barcode Font Advantage Package
Code 128 Barcode Font Advantage Package is a powerful barcode utility tool that allow users to generate their own customizable code128 bar code fonts to implement in their web based applications.

6)   Admiresoft's Super Mp3 Converter
Admiresoft's Super Mp3 Converter is an advanced audio converting tool that helps users to convert their MP3's and other media players with audio volume normalization.

7)   PictureMan Painter
PictureMan Painter is a powerful image editing tool that allows admin to create web based buttons, freehand graphics and banners for their website with special effects.

8)   A4 DVD Copy
A4 DVD Copy is an unique multi media utility software designed to rip and clone video files without sacrificing the quality of image and sound.

9)   DVdriver
DVdriver is an unique multimedia tool specially designed for all types of webcam softwares to broadcast camcorder videos on the web.

10)   OSS Media Converter Pro
OSS Media Converter Pro is a simple online audio and video convertor program available with a friendly interface.

11)   IDAutomation Linear Barcode Image Generator
IDAutomation Linear Barcode Image Generator is a simple and effective image generator capable of creating linear barcode image files with advanced graphics.

12)   Applet Effects Factory
Applet Effects Factory is a simple online multimedia software utility tool that enables users to create different image effects based on java using GIF and JPEG files.

13)   Complete CD & DVD Writer
CD & DVD Writer: Burn data, image (iso, cue/bin) and audio (wav) files.

14)   Ease Jukebox
This is an effective multifunction multimedia software using which you can rip, record, convert, normalize, combine, edit audio files through a clickable interface.

15)   Zexer Soft's Icon Extractor
Zexer Soft's Icon Extractor is an advanced multimedia tool capable of extracting icons from the files effectively and easily. This program applies masks and filters in the extraction process.

16)   Zexer Soft's MIDI Extractor
Zexer Soft's MIDI Extractor is an online audio utility tool that has the ability to extract audio signals in MIDI format from various audio files.

17)   MuseBook MidiMic
MuseBook MidiMic is an efficient online sound 2MIDI software with which you will be able to convert microphone signals into MIDI data with signal display.

18)   CMC7 MICR Fonts
CMC7 MICR Fonts is a simple online barcode tool with which you can generate and print customizable magnetic encodings on bank checks in scalable font sizes.

19)   Zexer Soft's JPEG Extractor
Zexer Soft's JPEG Extractor is a simple and effective online image extractor that has the ability to extract JPEG images from various source file formats.

20)   The Beatles 4ever!
This site is the largest multi media center for Beatles. It provides the program that helps you keep track of all your collectibles. It has a complete UK and US discography, advanced media player, music organizer and much more.

21)   MP3 To WAV org's Sound Recorder XP
Sound Recorder XP is an online multimedia utility tool that allows users to record real time musical files from micro phone, internet straming audio, winamp etc., into MP3's.

22)   Bullet Proof Soft's Audio CD Rip N' Burn
Bullet Proof Soft's Audio CD Rip N' Burn is an efficient multimedia utility tool designed to extract audio tracks and files from CD's to store it in the hard drive without any additional disk space.

23)   EDGE Diagrammer
Create flowcharts, network diagrams, design diagrams, and all other block diagram types. Drawing boxes or symbols of many shapes and connect them with lines of various types. Full zoom, OLE, graphics import and export, curves, flow symbols.

24)   Alive MP3 WAV Converter
Alive MP3 WAV Converter is an online useful converting tool that allow users to convert audio files on the fly with both predefined and command line settings.

25)   90z cd-mp3 music converter
90z cd-mp3 music converter can play the song which is in the CD-ROM's CD, and the songs can be converted into WAV format and MP3 format easily and quickly.

26)   Xilisoft DVD Audio Ripper
It is an DVD audio ripper software which helps in ripping DVD audio and store it in Mp3 or wave format. This ripper helps in extracting the audio from DVD.

27)   Softdd Software's MP3 Easy Splitter
Softdd Software's MP3 Easy Splitter is a simple Mp3 utility tool designed to create new MP3 files with splitted segments without affecting the original file.

28)   IDAutomation RSS Image Generator
IDAutomation RSS Image Generator is an effective image generator with which you can create high quality graphical RSS barcode images that can be imported to any type of web based application.

29)   Presentation to Video Converter
Convert PowerPoint presentations to video AVI without PowerPoint

30)   SID CD-DVD Indepth
This powerful multi media tool can be used to rip and burn audio CD's and DVD's easily through a click interface. You can even use this tool to burn bootable CD's.

31)   ColorPic
Our Color Picker has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save palettes.

32)   Codabar Bar Code Fonts
Codabar Bar Code Fonts is a simple code utility program containing scaleable bar code formats that can be directly included in the applications from the keyboard.

33)   MP3 To WAV org's MID Converter
MP3 To WAV org's MID Converter is a simple and effective utility tool with which you can convert midi files to MP3, WAV and OGG files with excellent sound effects same as that of the orginal source.

34)   Ease MP3 Recorder
This program is helpful for the users to record their favourite music from any source to their system either in Mp3 or in wav format. It does not create temporary files while recording sound in a system.

35)   MP3 To Wav's DVD TO AVI
MP3 To Wav's DVD TO AVI is an useful tool with which you can convert DVD movies to Divx file formats. This simple utility supports even PAL and NTSL in the conversion process.

36)   CoffeeCup Firestarter
CoffeeCup Firestarter is an online multimedia tool that allows admin to design their own complex text and image flash effects with 'action script timeline' for their website.

37)   Meredith's MP3 Tag Editor
MP3 Tag Editor is a simple online audio utility tool with which you can edit MP3 musical text file within tags effectively using both ID3v1 and ID3v2 field editors.

38)   OneStopSoft's Audio Extractor
OneStopSoft's Audio Extractor is a simple online multi media software utility tool designed for extracting audio tracks from the video files.

39)   LyricsManager
You can search for lyrics online, organize and playback musical files through this efficient music management tool with an user-friendly interface.

40)   Zexer Soft's AVI Extractor
Zexer Soft's AVI Extractor is an efficient online video extracting software that has the ability to extract AVI videos from any type of video files.

41)   Advanced MP3, WMA Recorder
This is an online sound recorder that can be used to record sound from CD, DVD video files, pheripheral equipment such as microphone etc. This program also detects recording formats.

42)   Music Publisher
Music notation software with a completely intuitive interface which leaves you in complete control over the printed page. Includes sound and MIDI output and there is an optional scanning-in module (MP Scan)

43)   OCR-A, OCR-B & Eurobanking Font package
OCR-A, OCR-B & Eurobanking Font package is a simple and effective font generating tool that allow users to create OCR fonts with euro banking specifications.

44)   MSI Plessey Bar Code Font Package
MSI Plessey Bar Code Font Package is a collection of several barcode font tools, macros and plugin's with which admin would be able to integrate it on their libraries and retail applications.

45)   90z mp3 player
90Z MP3 PLAYER is a simple MP3 tool software. It provides beautiful interface for the user.

46)   OneStopSoft's Audio Converter Pro
OneStopSoft's Audio Converter Pro is an advanced multimedia software with which you can extract audios from your favorite video AVI file without sacrificing the quality.

47)   EZ Bar Code Font Package for Windows
EZ Bar Code Font Package for Windows is an advanced barcode tool with which you can print code 39 and codabar barcodes as a font from several applications.

48)   CD Label Designer
CD Label Designer is an ultimate multimedia tool used to create customizable labels and CD covers with high-resolution printouts for various CD products.

49)   Absolute Lab's HopeJump
Absolute Lab's HopeJump is an online multimedia utility tool with which users would be able to play with balls and diamonds in various levels. USers are taken to next levels after collecting all diamionds through the obstacles.

50)   1st PowerPoint DVD Burner
A tool to burn your Powerpoint files to DVDs or miniDVDs.

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Monday, 27 June 2016
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