Top 1 to 34 File Compression - Tools and Utilities scripts

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1)   ZIP 2 Secure EXE
ZIP 2 Secure EXE is a file utility which allows the users that has strong encryption capabilities to secure users contents.

2)   PowerArchiver 2000
PowerArchiver is the ultimate archive utility for the Windows® family of products. With a modern easy-to-use interface, PowerArchiver provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools. PowerArchiver is the most complete archive utility available today.

3)   WinNc.Net
WinNc.Net is an program that can be used by the users in managing files on Windows servers. It serves independently in direct dragging and droping access to network neighbourhoods, network servers etc., which are in the double pane interface.

4)   File Splitter Deluxe
Split any type of file, then easily rejoin without this software.

5)   PSTCompactor
PSTCompactor is a tool which is capable of reducing MS outlook file storages. This tool has the ability to restore free spaces and can delete the removed contents.

6)   CompreXX
Archives behave like folders in Explorer! Browse, copy files from, and add files to archives just like any regular folder. The plug-in based product ships with 7 plug-ins that have full support for 28 and extract support for 47 archive types.

7)   Eazy Backup
Eazy Backup utility is designed to make it easy for all users with any level of expertise to create a backup or archive file of popular applications (e.g., Outlook, Outlook Express, etc). More importantly, it is easy to restore data to when required.

8)   waRmZip
waRmZip is a file utility which allows the users to clean up the spaces which are free in the folder and subfolders. The files can be moved by the users to other disks and folders.

9)   WinZip
Powerful, fast, easy-to-use Zip utility with AES encryption, support for most Internet file formats, Wizard and Classic interfaces, XP features, tight integration with Windows, E-mail support, including Zip and E-Mail from Explorer, and much more

10)   CHAOS For Security
CHAOS For Security is user friendly program that allows you to encrypt and compress individual files and folders. It is compact and efficient. Files are compressed before they are encrypted to ensure minimum file sizes. Uses extremely secure method of encryption

11)   V-Book Compiler
V-Book Compiler is a file utility which initiates the users to create offline websites, digital catalogues, manuals, professional eBooks etc.

12)   Buffer Component
Buffer Component is a utility which describes about file operations that enables the users to read and write binary and text files.

13)   HTML Squisher
HTMLSquisher compresses each web page that you want to download. HTMLSquisher only works on HTML pages. It is particularly useful for large HTML pages but it can't compress your images or anything else. Java and Javascript must be enabled for this utility to work.

14)   UnJpeg
UnJpeg is a tool which enables the users to revert images which are compressed into JPEG file format. The images can be changed to their original form from the other formats.

15)   Zipfusion self-extractor
This self extractor can be used with any zip tool. Some of its salient features are it has three modes of operation which make it suitable for data files as well as software, end user dialogs that can be translated into other languages, in built editor and many more.

16)   EnZip
EnZip, is a freeware zip compression utility for MS Windows. It offers a interface that is designed to compliment the Windows Explorer and easy to work with. It is an ideal utility to manage the many zip files you download daily from the internet or to create backups of your important data.

17)   ZipSplitter
ZipSplitter is a file compressing tool which has the capability to split larger files into smaller files to copy them on floppy disks.

18)   GZip Component
GZip Component is a file compressing tool which permits the users to compress and decompress the files present in any folders with GZip algorithm.

19)   Zip Component
Zip Component is a tool which describes about managing files that permits the users to extract and create Zip files by the users.

20)   Aladdin Expander
StuffIt Expander easily expands and decodes all those files you download from the Web or receive in your email. It quickly accesses StuffIt™ files, unzips zip files created by WinZip® and other zip utilities, plus decompresses tar, gzip and bzip files for Unix users. It offers a drag, drop feature fro easy working. Expander works seamlessly with Web browsers such as Internet Explorer™ and Netscape™. From BinHex to zip, StuffIt to MIME.

21)   PKZIP
PKZIP is a file compressing tool which enables the users to compress files. This cross platform tool provides a suitable graphical user interface with many features for the users.

22)   httpZip for IIS
Reduce bandwidth bills with fast and safe HTTP compression. Get up to 10x file size reduction and as much as 20% more user capacity on your server. Optional HTML/CSS Compression included. Built-in compression cache. Browser- and data-safe defaults. Fully customizable compression rules. Implemented as fast ISAPI filter. Multiple user interfaces.

23)   HTMLCompact
A powerful HTML compression tool whose effective compression algorithm provides a size reducing up to 20% of original while keep every other thing untouched. By using HTMLCompact, your web pages will become much smaller and faster for downloading, and you will save up both website bandwidth and disk space.

24)   Netzip Classic
Netzip Classic is a ZIP and file download utility. It consists of four programs. Netzip Desktop, Netzp Web, Netzip folders and Netzip Download Demon. Netzip Desktop is for all your off-line zipping needs that works from your desktop, it creates and manages ZIP files and ZIPs files. Netzip Web allows you to download, unzip, and install files automatically without leaving your Web browser; Netzip Folders enables ZIP files to work like regular folders; and Netzip Download Demon for speedy file downloading over the Internet.

25)   NXPowerLite
This is an useful application for optimizing the content of your MS Powerpoint files quickly and easily. It helps to modify your Powerpoint images into customized attractive pictures.

26)   ZipCentral
This is a free, easy to use zip file manager that let's you create new, open existing, add to and extract from zip files. It can also create Self-Extracting archives and archives spanned across multiple floppy disks. It is a great tool for the beginner as well as the expert.

27)   ZipZag
ZipZag is a file compressing utility which enables the users to archive the several files with extensions like Mn3, Ntx, Obpack, Pak etc. A nice utilty for the users and the webmasters.

28)   Xtractor Plus
This program makes extracting and managing archive files and sets of multiple archives faster and easier than ever before. It supports Zip, Ace, Rar, and Arj formats, plus self-extracting archives of these types. It features a smart, Explorer style interface, powerful file management capabilities just like Explorer, full drag and drop support, the ability to extract several Zip and other type archives in one easy step, plus much more.

29)   4-Share Zfilter
ZFilter is a plug-in indexing filter used for Windows servers. It allows them to full-text index the contents of zip archives created with WinZip, PKZIP, or any other compression program that uses the PKWARE compression format.

30)   HTML2Zip
HTML2Zip is a powerful file compression software which is capable of compressing the html files with true zip algorithm. A nice utility for the users and the webmasters.

31)   Alpha ZIP
Alpha ZIP is a simple tool with the latest ZIP file technology helping users to work with all types of archive file formats. This program has the ability to open the files directly from the ZIP folder.

32)   eZip Wizard
eZip Wizard is a file utility which allows the users to create and unzip the compressed files through a web based interface. Helpful tool for the webmasters and the users.

33)   AKGBackup
A great tool for backing up data and compressing files at a very fast pace.

34)   TAR Component
TAR Component is a file compressing tool which permits the users to group and ungroup files and folders using single line of code.

Tuesday, 24 May 2016
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