Top 1 to 50 Development Tools - Tools and Utilities scripts

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1)   Grindsoft Notepad Lite
This tool is useful for developers for all their functional jobs with text files. This utility supports more than forty five formats of files. It requires no additional runtime libraries.

2)   Coffee Cup Visual Site Designer
This development tool is helpful for webmasters or for any individual users who needs to create their own website. This tool helps them to create and edit their web pages. This tool is simple and easy to use.

3)   Simple Cloak Check
Simple Cloak Check is a simple cloak checking utility that helps webmasters in identifying the user agent type and the content of the website.

Snowflake provides programmers with XML and OLAP control. This tool is helpful for business intelligence applications for powerful web service.

5)   AlarIT USB Virtual Driver
This utility is useful for system administrators to share and use equipments from different locations using USB ports. It has internal error recovery feature.

6)   Team Coherence
This utility helps programmers to manage the changes in projects to avoid tedious tasks. Online documentation is available with this tool.

7)   Webmasters' Cavern
This is a tool which has full of resources that helps webmasters to build their site with maximum utilities. It offers both paid and free resources to download.

8)   MSSQL Express
This tool is an integrated development tool for MSSQL environment. This tool enables users to develop their MSSQL databases.

9)   IIS URL Scan Log Analyzer Tool
IIS URL Scan Log Analyzer Tool is a simple online development tool with which you can generate detailed report on the log files of your IIS webserver.

10)   CSE HTML Validator Standard
This tool is used to validate HTML, XHTML, CSS and links. It helps any users and it offers many enhanced features to guide users in many ways.

11)   Scriptomizers- Free Code Generator
This tool contains different types of code generation tool which allows webmasters or developers to build website or front end page perfectly. This tool is understandable and easy to use.

12)   Skincrafter
This tool is useful for web developers or for any programmers to design their applications with beautiful skins. It has custom region which allows users to shape forms very easy.

13)   Win Feedback
This tool is helpful for programmers to monitor and test windows scripting. Users can use templates to customize the layout. Win Feedback objects are used as scripting components in VB script.

14)   Snippet Compiler
Snippet Compiler compiles snippets! It allows to test a small .net code. This tool from Jeff Key could be incredibly usefull in cutting down the time taken to experiment with a .net code. Here are its features : Compiles and runs single or multiple C#, VB.NET and ASP.NET snippets; Optionally builds WinFormEXEs, console EXEs or DLLs; The user can store a library of templates; Displays compile errors, including the red squiggles; IntelliSense for static members and method signatures, as well as constructor signatures; Imports VS.NET projects; Exports snippets to HTML/RTF.

15)   BrowserBob Light
Create custom browsers, real eBooks, presentations, multimedia in your own design via Drag & Drop. Integrate any web-technology.

16)   DevPlanner
Right estimations trainer, can improve results and prepare weekly reports.

17)   Vend-O-Matic
Using this tool you can create instant selling pages for reselling products. You can create click bank oder forms to deal with customer transactions.

18)   VSPD Mobile Phone Edition
Create up to 20 pure virtual serial ports in your mobile system .

19)   Pacestar UML Diagrammer
Pacestar UML Diagrammer helps you to quickly and easily generate all varieties of UML diagrams. Develop, document, and communicate your designs in a systematic yet flexible AND commonly understood notation.

20)   Site Content Analyzer
Analyze keyword weight, density and relevance with this handy application.

21)   HTML2Script
HTML2SCRIPT is a program that helps users in generating Active Server Pages using HTML code. This program effectively performs for building a web site using ASP from the scratch.

22)   URL Scan Log Analyzer
This is a web based tool that helps you to protect your entire webserver. This program can create a concised report for your URL log file. It can be used as add on tool for IIS server.

23)   Resource Tuner
This tool contains several important resources in the compiled executable files that allows programmers to generate their web pages with maximum functionalities.

24)   Hide My Folders ActiveX
Hide My Folders ActiveX lets developer hide any file or folder in Windows system

25)   Courser WebTreeview Builder
This is a user interface to generate customizable tree views easily without the knowledge of programming languages. This works on most primary servers and allows you to specify the font, color, icon, button, line style and other details.

26)   Dominion Script Language (beta)
This utility is helpful for the users to design their program with a simple visual interface. This tool supports text objects, input box objects, button objects and more.

27)   License Protector
This tool is helpful for webmasters to provide license for their web pages. It administrates licenses and generates trial version or demo version which provides users with software copy protection.

28)   Visual Comparer
This tool is used for comparing source code which contains text files. This tool allows users to load their system with comparable files to edit fully functional text.

29)   SMTP and POP3 Email Engine for Xbase++
This utility is used for sending and receiving emails. This tool is used in XBase++ using SMTP and POP3 protocols. It has control switch to send and receive email.

30)   SQL2000Print
Document schema of your Microsoft SQL Server2000 database by printing it in your own custom style. The printed output can be exported to HTML, PDF and RTF format to enable it to be incorporated into a word processors.

31)   iconductor Apache server module
The advanced information management tools available in this software enables you to create and build online applications with electronic commerce functionalities on apache servers.

32)   Document! X
Document! X shortcuts the process of creating and maintaining documentation

33)   Searchbliss Rollover Image Generator
This utility is used for generating rollover images on the website. Few images are given on the site and they have to select their required image to generate code for rollover image.

34)   Windows Standard Serial Communications Library for eVC
This is a serial communication library for eVC that can be used for windows serial communications. This tool is based on windows platform and can also work with blue tooth.

35)   Searchbliss Slide Link Drop Menu Generator
This tool is helpful for users to generate code for slide link drop menu. Users can use it on their web pages. Installation of this tool is quite simple.

36)   EzGis
This tools is helpful for developers or for programmers to develop Geographic Information System applications which is useful for distributors and corporates.

37)   VBAcodePrint97
VBAcodePrint97 enables you to print the VBA source code in color of Microsoft Office 97 suite of applications: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint.

38)   Coffee Cup Free DHTML Menu Builder
This tool is used to create sliding menu trees. This tool has customization facility. It is easy to setup and to install.

39)   Scriptomizers- Scrollbar Coloring
This tool is used for coloring scroll bar in different designs. Programmers can customize their scrollbars as they prefer. It is simple to use and to setup.

40)   Explorer Bar Maker
This tool is helpful for webmasters to create explorer bar for their web pages. Users can make their explorer bar from any HTML page, macromedia flash etc.

41)   Searchbliss Menu Tree Generator
This allow users to generate menu tree on their website. They can generate menu with three heading and sub headings. Easy to setup and to use.

42)   HexCmp
It is an useful utility which can be used to compare binary files and also to modify and edit files by using hex editor.

43)   e Forms
e Forms is a powerful development tool that enables webmasters to create their own online forms for their web services with graphical interface.

44)   Windows Standard Serial Communication Library for Delphi
It is a serial communication library based on windows API used for Delphi. This tool has modem control. It can be used with any borland delphi version.

45)   Clip Its
This tool allows users to work with clipboard entries and it permits them to store the entries in clipIt. It contains twenty different sticky buttons.

46)   ASP to Migration Assistant
This program is used for converting ASP pages to This tool automate few process for migrations. It migrates pages quickly and easily.

47)   Nevron HTML Help Toolkit
This tool is helpful for programmers to process HTML help creation automatically for applications under .Net platforms. It has two help kits like, NReference creator and NPage formatter.

48)   AlarIT Virtual Serial Driver (AVSD)
This utility is helpful for network administrator to control and share serial devices. It works under windows platform. The devices can be connected using COM ports.

49)   FlyGrid.Net
Fast, lightweight, highly flexible and customizable grid/tree

50)   Easy Projects .NET
EasyProjects.NET is a web-based Project Management System based on Microsoft.NET

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