Top 1 to 13 Customer Support - Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed afer popularity.       To display the scripts after name please click here

1)   FaxRush
FaxRush is an effective tool with which users can enable their CRM systems to post and receive faxes. This program has efficient merging capability.

2)   Ace Operator
This is an online customer support solution which allows your online customers to have a live chat session with your support representative and get their queries solved in real time. It can be integrated with the existing website quickly and easily.

3)   AnswerChat
AnswerChat is a complete online customer support tool and also a website chat program which can be used as a CRM system for any type of businesses. By using this tool, you can allow your online visitors to instantly chat with your support staff by simply clicking the live chat button on the website.

4)   Bocazas Live Support
This is an online customer support help desk tool which can be used to provide live support to your online customers in real time and helps you to increase your business volume, build better relationship with the customers and much more.

5)   Flash Livehelp System
Flash Livehelp. Use it on your web site, auctions, and/ or disbribute it via CD, email, or download.

6)   Boldchat
Boldchat is an online customer support tool that can be used to support live chat sessions with your customers in real time. With this tool you will be able to serve your customer and thereby increase your sales as well as the relationship with your cutomers.

7)   e-Contacto
e-Contacto is a simple customer support help desk tool that allows you to communicate with your online customers on your website in real time. A commercial Pro version is available with additional features.

8)   versaSRS HelpDesk
versaSRS is an advanced online customer support help desk utility which can be used to provide live support to your online customers and thus increases your business volume. This utility has a powerful knowledge base which helps you to collect problems and solutions for all users of the system.

9)   Click Chat Sold
This is an easy to use customer management tool with which you can provide a human touch to your website by providing live chat support to your online visitors. With this tool, you can guide your customer to navigate your website and to solve their queries.

10)   mySecureBrowser
mySecureBrowser is an online customer support that allows your website users to browse through their hosting account and allows access to view the billing page, help desk or any other page they wish to view.

11)   Communicate
Communicate by Aquasoft is a completely different customer support tool that can be installed on any website to monitor the actions of users and to locate the geographic location of your website visitors and allows webmasters or site owners to communicate with their online customers instantly.

12)   VoiceRush
VoiceRush is an utility that can be used by the users to automate their CRM system to make phone calls with their contacts by the use of recorded voice.

13)   CRM
This a software tool which helps you to manage the relationship with your customers in an organized way. The website contains various CRM solutions to suit different organizations.

Monday, 2 May 2016
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