Top 101-150 Tools and Utilities scripts

Scripts are listed after popularity.       To display the scripts in alphabetical order please click here

101)   MySQL Maestro
Using this 'MySQL Maestro' you can perform all basic and advanced database operation on your MySQL database through a graphical user interface.

102)   Web Cal Plus
This script offers a Calendar Generation system in HTML format. Different type of calendars can be generated for example 12-month year calendars, single month and daily calendars and more. These calendars can have a customized multi color and attractive look also.

103)   IIS URL Scan Log Analyzer Tool
IIS URL Scan Log Analyzer Tool is a simple online development tool with which you can generate detailed report on the log files of your IIS webserver.

104)   123LogAnalyzer
Fastest, most powerful and detailed solution for analysing your web server logs. High-speed processing, low disk space requirements, built-in IP mapping, unique filtering capabilities and more. Fast, powerful and professional.

105)   Help Desk software
Help Desk software is a tool which tracks and manages technical problems through a web interface. This tool allows the users to upload attachments at any time.

106)   Advanced Internet Kiosk
Build Internet kiosks, public access PCs, or in-store terminals.

107)   TextWiz
This is a powerful tool which can be used to fill gaps left by word processors, allows you to search for and replace multiple lines of text and much more. Hence it is a multipurpose tool

108)   Real WebInfo
Real WebInfo is a networking utility which allows the users to recover the information of the current website with a toolbar button that is added with IE.

109)   MCSE@Whiz
MCSE@Whiz is a MCSE Certification Test Simulator. It consists of 5 Mock Tests (300 Questions) based on the latest pattern of MCSE certification. Offers detailed Explanation on each question, Quick Revision Tips, scorer of the month and much more.

110)   Web Template Zone
Web Template Zone is a program which provides numerous customizable templates to suit the webcreating needs of the users. The users can select any template at their own choice by searching with the help of this system.

111)   Zexer Soft's ANI Extractor
Zexer Soft's ANI Extractor is an effective multimedia tool that provides custom solutions for the admins to extract animated cursors for their online applications.

112)   CH Web analyzer
CH Web analyzer is an online client server application utility software tool that provides detailed real-time activity tracking reports in line and pie graphs.

113)   WinaXe Windows X Server
Windows X Server, Run Linux and Unix on Windows Desktop.

114)   MyPDF
This script is used for creating reports by storing data in the database. This tool is helpful for business personals. It uses MySQL database to store data.

115)   EFS Key
All files of NTFS partitions protected by EFS encryption can be retrieved by EFS Key program. You can use it on NTFS 1.1 and NTFS 5.0 on Windows XP and 2000.

116)   ZIP 2 Secure EXE
ZIP 2 Secure EXE is a file utility which allows the users that has strong encryption capabilities to secure users contents.

117)   FaxRush
FaxRush is an effective tool with which users can enable their CRM systems to post and receive faxes. This program has efficient merging capability.

118)   Warp9 Whois Plugin
Warp9 Whois Plugin is an utility developed for the IE browser which has the ability to add button to the users toolbar. A useful tool for the webmasters and the users.

119)   1 Click & Go
This is a password and security tool which is created for the purpose of accessing, opening and executing the frequently used files. It can also be used in multi user mode and has many other features.

120)   AcroRd32.exe - Prevent from staying open
It is a simple technique that allows you to block Acrobat reader from staying open in the memory.

121)   iSpace Desktop Blog Reader
iSpace Desktop is a integrated PIM system, it includes: RSS Reader,Contacts, Calendar,Content Categories, Documents, Multi-page internet browser. It is a content management system on Desktop as it shows currently. Everyone may use it as a PIM.

122)   OutBack Plus
Protect your valuable Outlook data (email messages, contacts, contact manager DB, tasks, email accounts, signatures, message rules, etc) with a simple to use backup and restore utility.

123)   Web pages
This utility is used to create html pages for your site without any stress. This process generates html codes for your webpage. This tool is useful for novice.

124)   IISPassword
IISPassword gives easier means of protective techniques to secure your websites with integrated Apache HTAccess password module. Consists several options for user group management and protects some particular file types.

125)   DriveCrypt
DriveCrypt keeps all your confidential information, stock quotes, corporate plans, and much more content more securely using encryption methods. Supports lot of features with portecting your computer files through efficient administrator.

126)   Easy Frame Creator
Easy Frame Creator is intended for easy creation of image frames and collages.

127)   The Favourite link Search Toolbar with Free Pop Up Killer
This is a simple search toolbar utility that helps you to search for favourite links on the web and displays the search results with highlighted links.

128)   Issue Tracker
Issue tracker is designed for programmers and web designers. It allows you to track outstanding bugs, feature requests, completed work, and almost anything else you could think of in your projects life-cycle.

129)   CSE HTML Validator Standard
This tool is used to validate HTML, XHTML, CSS and links. It helps any users and it offers many enhanced features to guide users in many ways.

130)   TextPad
Text pad has the ability to provide power and functionality to satisfy the most demanding text editing requirements

131)   Whizlabs MCSE 70-291 Exam Simulator
This is an exam simulator software for the Microsoft MCSE 70-291 certification exam. The main objective of this simulator is to provide experience to candidates in questions that cover aspects like the ability to implement, manage and maintain a Microsoft Windows server 2003 network infrastructure.

132)   ABC Amber DBX Converter
This is a simple and easy to use DBX converter program that allows you to convert DBX files into DBF, XML, CSV and XLS format in real time. It is also capable of coverting six type of fields like From, To, CC, Subject, Received, and Memo field and supports multiple languages.

133)   Screen Capture Master
Screen Capture Master 2.9 - is a powerful screen capture application that prints screen and grabs screen shot from Windows desktop. If you want to capture desired desktop screen pictures at will and select capture area in rectangle, control, games.

134)   Scriptomizers- Free Code Generator
This tool contains different types of code generation tool which allows webmasters or developers to build website or front end page perfectly. This tool is understandable and easy to use.

135)   ActiveXperts Network Monitor
This is a ideal solution that is capable of monitoring all aspects of your network devices. The tool works as a service on the Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 platform and supports Windows, UNIX, Linux and Novell platforms.

136)   MSSQL-to-MySQL
This program is used to export MS SQL databases to MySQL server. It supports all MS SQL data types and attributes and works with all versions of Unix and Windows MySQL servers. It has a very easy to use interface which has been built like a wizard.

137)   Whizlabs IBM UML Exam Simulator
This is an exam simulator program that can be used to test the experience of working on the OOAD principles. It contains numerous number of questions that are related to different design problems. It contains about 280 questions across 5 mock exams.

138)   1st Mass Mailer
1st Mass Mailer is a very fast mass mailer with a lot of useful features.

139)   Workspace Macro Pro - Automation Edition
Macro program & Windows automation software with macro script & task scheduler

140)   Skincrafter
This tool is useful for web developers or for any programmers to design their applications with beautiful skins. It has custom region which allows users to shape forms very easy.

141)   Argentum MyFiles
Keep your files organized with this disk cataloger (file organizer)

142)   Website To Country
Website To Country is a utility which displays the location of the website address specified by the visitors. A useful tool for the webmasters and the users.

143)   E-Service Center Manager (ESCM)
This software is designed for service centers and workshops so as to manage full life cycle of repairing and tuning. It covers all aspects from receipt of equipment to shipping it back to the client after repair.

144)   LinkBuilder
LinkBuilder is a file manipulating program which has the ability to convert the users text files into html file formats. A handy tool for the webmasters and the users.

145)   DanDans Media's MP3 CD Writer
DanDans Media's MP3 CD Writer is a simple online multimedia utility tool used to write and copy audio files and musical tracks in audio and MP3 CD's.

146)   Portable Password Tracker
Take control over your multiple web accounts and secure your passwords!

147)   iFrame Builder
iFrame Builder is an online editing tool which allows the users to create iFrames. HTML documents can be placed in inline frames. It has useful attributes like file source, width and height etc. This is useful for the webmasters to make their site more interactive.

148)   CSS
CSS is a html editing utility which allows the users to build cascading style sheets for their web pages directly.

149)   Amazon WebServices Tools
Using Our Amazon WebServices Tools you can add dynamic content to your site, providing any kind of items you want from to Entire Catalog of both Amazon.Com or Amazon.Co.Uk.

150)   ED for Windows
This is a cute language sensitive programmer’s editor with huge powerful editing capabilities that one cannot find elsewhere.

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