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SOS Crash Recovery
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DTEC International
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Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
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Tools and Utilities / Server Management
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     When a computer system fails and data is lost the countless hours it takes to re install that data and program applications can exceed days in time and frustration. Programs today require patches and update and most are done electronic. There is no file on your system nor is there any record of what patches or files have been modified or installed. SOS Version 5.0 takes the worry out of patch management as well as re-installation of system and program applications. With our technology not only is your data recovered but your system is brought back to a current working state without the necessity of patch installations or system reconfiguration. When SOS recovers your data it also recovers your system to a full and complete working state. SOS has taken this a step further. With SOS Version 5.0 you will have the ability to further secure your data and information to additional media devices such as CD and DVD using our HIGH Compression Technology and the ability to Span from Disk to Disk your can easily image your entire system to DVD and restore direct from that DVD in the event of a system failure. Version 5.0 creates boot DVD and CD Media in the event you need to recover in this manner. No more technical confusion or inability to further secure your data. SOS Version 5.0 takes the worry out of data security and recovery in one easy to use menu driven application. SOS Data Protection and Recovery Software offer users a Windows Safety Belt. Worried about installing SP2 on your current XP systems and having a crashing application or Operating System? DTEC International and DataTex Engineering, providers of Data Recovery, Protection Software and Data Security Solutions, have a Windows Safety Belt for you: The SOS Data Protection and Recovery Program. Just boot from our Boot CD created during the Image process or off a new Hard Drive and your computer is back to the way it was 100% guaranteed. SOS is being used by over 10,000 customer’s world Wide. How about You?

Sunday, 26 June 2016
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