Rival Schools: United by Fate Cheats and Hints for Arcade

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Rival Schools: United by Fate
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Real Ending
To see the REAL endings to this game, here's what you gotta do. Get up to Chapter 7 and beat either Raizo or his partner (or both) with a team up manuever. After that, you'll face the real boss, Hyo. Beat him and the real character endings and credits will appear.

Alternate Colors
To change any character's colors, hold START and press any button while selecting them.

Story Game
To play a game where storylines appear in between stages, choose two characters from the same High School. Here's a list of schools and students.

School - Students
Taiyo - Hinata, Batsu, Kyosuke
Gedo - Gan, Edge, Akira
Pacific - Roy, Tiffany, Boman
Gorin - Shoma, Natsu, Roberto
Justice - Kyoko, Hideo

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