Virtua Fighter Cheats and Hints for Saturn

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Play as Dural
At the character select screen, press Down, Up, Right, Left + A.

Ranking Mode...the easy way
At the title screen, press Down + Right + C + L + R + Start.

Ranking Mode...the hard way
If you beat the the game ranking mode will be unlocked.

Show Developer Names
To view the names of VF staff, hold L + R and press Start at the title screen.

View Credits
Hold A + B + C during the opening demo to view the credits.

Add Dural to Records Screen and Vs. Mode
At the title screen, press Up 17 times, then Start. Now enter the Options screen. Dural's stats are now on the Records screen.

Change Ring Size and Level Select
At the Press Start screen, press UP 12 times, then press START. Now enter the Options screen, move down to EXIT and press DOWN. Finally, press A and a new screen will appear.

Free Play Mode
During Free Play, matches cannot be paused. To activate Free Play mode, press X + Y + Z at the title screen.

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