Tekken Tag Tournament Cheats and Hints for Arcade

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Play as Tiger
To play as Tiger, choose Eddy Gordo at the character selection screen and press Start.

Really Cool Tag
For those fans of Devil/Angel here is a neat trick. Choose Devil and Kazuya as one team. When you start the match you will only see one character, but when you tag, whoever you choose to start first will be covered in electricity and turns into the other character.

Begin match with Partner
To begin a match or round with the second character you've picked, hold down the Tag button and then press Start before the match begins.

Different Costumes
To be original costumes from Tekken 3 or Tekken 2 of the characters, press RIGHT PUNCH or RIGHT KICK. For some characters, you can be other costumes by pressing START or TAG. Tekken Tag Tournament costumes are by presing LEFT PUNCH and LEFT KICK.

Play As Gold Tetsujin
To play as gold Tetsujin select Tetsujin as you normally would and win 10 matches in a row against another player and on win 11 tetsujin will be gold rather than silver.

Play as Angel
To play as Angel, press Start when selecting Devil. Angel is special in because she will get Netsu powerups, Devil won't.

Play as Devil
To use Devil Jin, you must have Heihachi as Jin's partner. When using him in the match, press Back+right and left punch, rp, rp, then left kick. He should be surrounded with purple lightning for a long period of time.
Moves: Corspe Trust: R+L Punch New Combo: LP,RP,RP,LK,RP,RK,LK Spinning Devil Kicks: F,NEUTRAL,D,D/F HOLD,+RK,RK,RK


Play as Mokujin/Tetsujin
To select Mokujin/Tetsujin, go to the bottom row of the selection screen (the one that has Wang, P. Jack, Devil/Angel, the Ogres, and Roger/Alex). Put the selection box over Alex/Roger, the move right, and in an invisible box is Mokujin/Tetsujin. Like in Tekken 3, the computer selects which character Mokujin will imitates. But now if you play as Mokujin, tag out, wait about 15 seconds, tag in and the character that Mokujin imitates will change to another one. Mokujin has 3 costumes, a wood male Moku, a wood female Moku and a metal Moku (Its name is Tetsujin).

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