Raiden Fighters JET Cheats and Hints for Arcade

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Reach the Secret "Real Battle" Levels
You can reach the 2 "Real Battle" levels (the 1st is shown in the Demo) :
1. The Slave planes attract the little 100pts medals near them : Move the medals over other (flying or ground) 100pts medals to grow one medal as big as you can (up to 2048000pts), then catch it and do the same, until big golden Raiden Fighters' I/II medals appear.

2. Make the more points you can with these medals and finish Level 40 (the boats) without losing lives (you'll get lots of bombs in this level to fight the boss safely). Perhaps you'll need to complete some other conditions, like killing quickly ("Quick Shot") the big plane so it comes again and again up to 4 times.

If you succeed, a special message will tell it to you at the end of Level 40.

Secret planes
To play with the secret planes (i.e. Slaves and Fairy), do the following : - to start a game, press SIMULTANEOUSLY [START]+[SHOOT1]+[BOMB1]+[SHOOT2]+[BOMB2] - at the plane selection screen, press once again [START]+[SHOOT1]+[BOMB1]+[SHOOT2]+[BOMB2] to choose your plane, then you'll get ITS Slave plane, which inherits some of its characteristics (speed, smart bomb)

Slave and Fairy Planes
In order to get the Slave ships, you have to hold the shoot, bomb, and start buttons before putting in the coins. Hold it for about 3 seconds then while still holding the shoot and bomb buttons. Press the start and hold on to it, then let go of the shoot and bomb buttons. Enter your initials, and keep holding on to the start button. Pick a ship, and you should get the slave ship. If you select the Misclus, you should get the Fairy. The speed and the bombs of the slave ships depend on which ship you select. If the original ship is slow you get a slow Slave.

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