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Boss 1 Tips
The tank in the mall can give you some extreme points IF you know what to shoot at and create combo's out of:
-6 side guns (3 on each side of the tank)
-1 gattling gun (the gattling gun on top of the tanks primary gun)
-1 primary gun (it's obviously the big gun on the tank
-2 rocket launchers (on either side of the tank)
These parts of the tank you can start shooting at right away, but there are 4 other places of interest that only open up once certain parts of the tank are destroyed:
-2 back rocket launchers (when you thought they were done, there's more, located on the back part of the tank)
-2 more gattling guns (inside the tank, last part of tank to destroy)

Note that the rockets that are being fired at you can be destroyed:
-Large rocket (that come from the side launcher's of the tank) These take more than one bullet to destroy.
-Groups of orange rockets (come from the back launchers of the tank) These can be taken out with one bullet, but be careful and fast.

Boss 2 Tips
Here are some things to note about the Tiger Helicopter
-The Helicopter's machine gun accuracy: this little gun seems to target you better when it's very close to you, so be on guard
-The orange rockets: this guy loves those rockets! But be careful, as tempting as it is to try and shoot every one you've got to be extremely quick (and lucky) at certain parts when the Helicopter is close.
-Dropping bombs: they require a few more bullets but it's actually a smart idea to shoot them, so you can destroy this boss.

The Helicopter will bring his friends in from time to time so keep on the lookout for other "things" shooting at you

Boss 3 Tips
The 3 bosses are two henchmen; One of these guys is more deadly than the other, mostly the fast moving, boomerang/knife chucking guy. He'll be your problem for the most part. Things to note when fighting these guys are:
-They bring their friends: several times the fat guy will call his friends to try to get several shots on you. Be careful!
-Some stuff to combo off of, there are paint cans and other stuff to combo more hits off these guys so if you really want that high score, this can help you.
-The boomerang/knives that the fast guy throws can be shot at. One bullet will drop 'em to the ground but I'll stress this again: don't throw away a life just to shoot a projectile. It's not worth it.
-Know when to duck: the fat henchman will try to swing a bunch of things at you. Don't be fooled, yet don't sit too long. Get a feel for when he swings and get ready to duck.
NOTE: The game doesn't say "DANGER!" this time...

Final Boss Tips
This guy wields a shotgun-esque weapon and throws grenades. This guy has got really good aim (most of the time) and he'll bring all of his friends into the fight: Ninjas, Blue Guards, Red Guards, White Guards, you name it.
Submitted by - bloodysky
High Score Tips
Working on a High Score for this game? Well here's some tips for racking in the points:
1) Basic Combos - an obvious one, shoot as many guys on the screen at the same time as you can and reload quick enough to continue popping guys on screen
2) Headshots - not 100% on this, but like Time Crisis 2, more points will be awarded for head shots.
3) Item combos - In Crisis Zone, pretty much everything can be shot at, so when you're not popping some bad guys, take a shot as the scenery. Try not to just fill the screen with bullets, concentrate on certain objects in the background, such as barrels or flowerpots, because it requires more items to be broken in order for it to count towards a combo.

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