Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Cheats and Hints for Arcade

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Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
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Secret Character
At the Character Select screen, highlight Andy, Billy, Mary, and Tung, then press and hold START and continue to hold it down for the rest of the code. While holding START, press B, B, C, C then hold B. Wait for one second, press and hold C. Wait for one more second while still holding START+B+C, then press A or D to select the character.

Hidden Boss
When playing in one-player mode,you can fight the hidden boss (Geese Howard) in a special "Nightmare" match if you do the following:

You must not lose a single round.
You cannot score a ranking of "C" or less in any battle.
Your score must be 750,000 or more before the battle with Wolfgang Krauser.

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